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Photovoice Projects

McDonald’s, Popeyes, or No Food at All:

My Family’s Experiences Living and Eating in Jane and Finch, Toronto

Samuel Garcia-Feliz, a University of Toronto graduate and Senior Research Assistant working at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, recounts the experience he and his family have had living in Jane and Finch, a diverse but marginalized neighborhood dealing with inaccessible healthy, nutritious food.

McDonald’s, Popeyes, or No Food at All: My Family’s Experiences Living and Eating in Jane and Finch, Toronto
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The Road Less Travelled

Choosing healthy foods is not always an option, especially when unhealthy dietary options are easier to choose from. This project aims to introduce a policy disincentivizing low-nutrient food options whilst also increasing access to social food enterprises. 

SDG17 Road Less Travelled
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Further Resources:

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Lost Generations & Faded Flavours

Have any of your grandparents cooked you a delicious meal from your cultural background?  Ollie and Liel explore the important notion of passing down family recipes and traditions surrounding food. They also provide suggestions for how schools can teach students about cultural food practices through everyday learning.

Lost Generations & Faded Flavours
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Inadequate Access to Nutrition Information

Lack of nutrition education in public and private spaces leads to the lack of accessible and reliable nutrition information in places we expect to find it. This project proposes an interactive nutrition literacy program that promotes nutrition as well as debunks misinformation prevalent on social media.

Inadequate Access to Nutrition Information
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Food as Prevention:

The Future of Food Prescription Programs

One solution to targeting food insecurity is introducing incentives for consuming healthy, nutritious food. An example already introduced in the US with success, is food prescription programs which may be beneficial when introduced in our healthcare system before the onset of disease. 

Food as Prevention: The Future of Food Prescription Programs
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Mental Health Education and Nutrition Literacy: A Promising Collaboration

Adequate nutrition plays an important role in managing symptoms of certain mental health issues. Just like physical health, mental health also benefits from a well-balanced diet and proper nutrition. This project proposes  introducing courses on food literacy and mental health in teachers’ colleges to help prepare  educators on how to effectively teach and guide their students about healthy eating habits.

Voice Recording Mental Health and Nutrition
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Project Accessibility: Making Toronto Subway Stations Accessible for All

The subway system in Toronto deals consistently with inaccessible transportation that disproportionately affects individuals experiencing mobility or financial difficulties. This project proposes a four-point universal design plan to improve the safety and accessibility of the TTC at all stations, specifically addressing the needs of those vulnerable groups experiencing mobility difficulties.

Project Accessibility Narration
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The Wellness Den

As of 2022, the Mental Health Commission of Canada has noted that approximately 1.2 million children are affected by mental health issues that severely impede healthy growth and development. Yet, only 20% of children receive the appropriate treatment and support. This project aims to include wellness centres across Ontario elementary schools and high schools to provide students with professional, free mental health support and care.

Wellness Den
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Student Food Insecurity  – A Rite of Passage?

Students, be it international, domestic, living on-campus or commuting, are greatly impacted by food insecurity across various areas of their lives. Available food is often expensive, unhealthy, culturally inauthentic or simply unappetizing. This photovoice calls for a collaborative effort between students, academic institutions and organizations to help provide accessible, healthy and appetizing food. 

Student Food Insecurity
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A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
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